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Catholic Regional College Sydenham - Home

WRS Cope St Albans Excursion - Fri 24th8:00am
Auslan Exams - Tue 28th8:00am
VCE English Exam - Wed 29th1:30pm
VCE Psychology Exam - Thu 30th9:00am
VCE Economics Exam - Thu 30th2:00pm
VCE Biology Exam - Fri 31st9:00am
VCE Further Maths Exam Part 1 - Fri 31st3:00pm
Melbourne Cup Long Weekend - School Closed - Mon 3rd8:00am
VCE Further Maths Exam Part 2 - Mon 3rd9:00am
VCE Business Management - Mon 3rd11:45am
Melbourne Cup Day - School Closed - Tue 4th8:00am
VCE Maths Methods (CAS) Exam Part 1 - Wed 5th9:00am
VCE Product Design & Technology Exam - Wed 5th11:45am
VCE Drama Exam - Wed 5th11:45am
VCE Health & Human Development Exam - Wed 5th3:00pm
VET Community Service - Thu 6th9:00am
VCE Theatre Studies Exam - Thu 6th9:00am
VET Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) - Thu 6th9:00am
VET Information and Communications Technology - Thu 6th9:00am
VET Hospitality - Thu 6th9:00am
VCE Physical Education - Thu 6th11:45am
VCE Maths Methods (CAS) Exam Part 2 - Thu 6th3:00pm
VCE Specialist Maths Exam Part 1 - Fri 7th9:00am
VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies Exam - Fri 7th11:45am
VCE IT Applications Exam - Fri 7th11:45am
VCE Literature Exam - Fri 7th3:00pm
VCE History Revolutions Exam - Sat 8th3:00pm
VCE Studio Arts Exam - Mon 10th9:00am
VET Furnishing - Mon 10th9:00am
VCE Accounting Exam - Mon 10th11:45am
VCE Accounting Exam - Mon 10th11:45am
VCE Specialist Mathematics Exam 2 - Mon 10th3:00pm
VCE Chemistry Exam - Tue 11th9:00am
VCE Physics Exam - Wed 12th9:00am

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