Voluntary Work Experience

All Catholic Regional College most students are required to undertake work experience as part of their academic program in year 10 and so compulsory work experience is not mandatory at CRC Sydenham.  Work experience is available however to students who wish to explore various career options or where work experience is a requirement for entry into particular areas of employment or tertiary education.

Work experience takes place at the end of each term for year 11 students, during the term holidays for year 12 students and at the end of the year after the exams for both year 11 and 12 students.  Students who wish to undertake work experience must visit a careers counsellor in student services, complete an application for work experience form and submit this to the careers department usually no later than week two of the term. Students must also complete an occupational health and safety program prior to work experience and attach their Work@Safe Certificate to their work experience application form. 

Due to government regulations and issues relating to occupational health and safety, students are not permitted to undertake work experience during the December/January school holidays.  

Students are encouraged to find their own work experience however assistance is available if required. Once a placement is located, all details are given to the Work Placement Officer for processing. 

No student will be permitted to undertake a work experience unless all signed documentation is RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL AT LEAST THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE PLACEMENT!

Students are visited by college staff and will be awarded a work experience certificate after their placement.

For further information on voluntary work refer to:

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