Tertiary Education

VCE and Senior VCAL students who wish to apply for tertiary education in Victoria  do so by submitting an online  VTAC application during Term 3. 

VTAC (The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre)  acts on behalf of participating Universities, TAFE institutes and independent tertiary colleges, facilitating and co-ordinating a joint selection system in Victoria. Applications and relevant documentation is received and forwarded on to tertiary providers applicants have listed as preferences.

VTAC also processes all SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) applications and forwards on information about student disadvantage to selection officers for consideration.  Some categories for disadvantage include socioeconomic disadvantage, physical/medical conditions, emotional or social hardships and english as a second language.

(See the VTAC website for a full description of all that VTAC has to offer including SEAS Access and Equity and Special Consideration application categories and  processes).

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