Pathway Planning

Choosing a career path for many is a challenging and sometimes difficult task.  Different jobs satisfy people in different ways and for most people there is not one right job, but several jobs they are capable of doing and would gain satisfaction from.

Whatever job or career path you choose, you need to base your decisions on a good understanding of yourself, the world of work and knowledge of the training/ education pathways.

Think about your personality, your interests, skills and abilities.  To what extent are you prepared to undertake higher levels of study or various forms of training and skill development?

It takes time to think about yourself, know yourself and explore occupations that are suited to your interests, needs and abilities. The links listed below are all designed to assist you to clarify your interests and needs and help you explore career possibilities that best suit your personality.

Vocational Assessment/Career Exploration

Exploring Training and Education Pathways

VTAC Aggregate to ATAR Conversion Table 2014

2014 VTAC Scaling Report

VTAC Selection Data

Pathway Planning Year 10

The Year 10 passport is a document designed to help students clarify and articulate their interests, needs and experiences.  The passport can be a valuable document when trying to select a senior course of study or for planning training and education pathways beyond VCE.

Pathway Planning Year 11

Once you have undertaken some level of vocational assessment and have explored various career options suited to you personality, ability and interests, it is important to work through a plan that articulates the skills and education that will lead you toward career paths you may be interested in.   At this point you may wish to make an appointment to see the careers counsellor to discuss your pathway plan.  Click on this link for the Year 11 pathway plan.

Pathway Planning Year 12

The Year 12 Pathway Plan is designed to help students articulate their education, training or employment intentions for life beyond secondary school. Although pathway plans can frequently change, having a pathway plan often helps students to set goals and keep motivated throughout the year.



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