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Parents or guardians are expected to phone the College by 9.30am to explain any unforeseen student absence (9361 0000).

Any student who has been absent due to illness or personal reasons MUST obtain a note from their parents And/or medical certificate and show it to their tutor on the morning of their return to College. The procedures for Absence on the day of a SAC are explained later in this diary.
Students are required to attend all classes. An absence from any class is considered to be an "unapproved absence", except for the following circumstances that will allow for an "approved absence":
  • A medical certificate regarding the period of illness accompanied by a note from a parent/guardian is provided.
  • A statutory declaration may be used only to approve an absence due to illness for a single day and only if it is provided to the College on the school day following the absence.
  • The student is required to attend a College Related Activity or excursion.
  • The parent/guardian has discussed with the Cluster Coordinator, Director of Curriculum or VCAL Leader the special circumstances that prevent attendance (e.g. family tragedy).
  • A note from the College Counsellor is provided, stating the date and time of the appointment at the College that lead to the absence.
  • A meeting with the Principal or his/her nominee for school related purposes.


Unapproved absences for each subject must not exceed 250 minutes per semester. Student attendance will be marked every lesson. Students who exceed this limit and do not meet the attendance requirements will receive an ‘N' (Not Satisfactory) result for that unit of study, this means that they will fail to complete the unit. If a student misses a large amount of classes due to absence, the student may be recommended to repeat the subject(s) in order to consolidate their learning.

Family holidays are not approved absences. Families should not plan a holiday during school time where students in Year 11 or 12 will miss class. Students receive 12 weeks per year of non-tuition time where holidays can be taken. Holidays during school time in Year 11 and 12 jeopardise a students' opportunity for success and as such the College cannot sanction such time out of class.


The College office closes at 5.00pm each evening. Students who are attending classes at the College beyond this time should report any health and safety concerns to the teacher/instructor in charge of their class. The teacher/instructor will have access to First Aid facilities and to student records so as to ensure that parents are able to be contacted if required. Teachers are required to complete a first aid report for any incidents that are reported to them.


All students are expected to attend the following College functions:

  • College Masses
  • Cluster Retreats
  • Transition week
  • Celebration Day Graduation (Year 12 Students)
  • Reflection Day (Year 12 Students)


A College Displan map and procedure is displayed in every classroom. It is expected that students make themselves aware of the procedures for the purposes of Displan drills and actual emergency responses.


The Dress Code applies to students on their way to and from the College as well as on excursions. It is also required to be worn to all scheduled exams.

The full Physical Education uniform may be worn to and from the College when students have Physical Education classes. On certain occasions Drama students will be required to wear their Physical Education uniform.


Excursions are a regular feature of the College's education programme. Parents are notified of excursions in writing and are asked to complete the Permission Form, which is attached to excursion information.


Catholic Regional College Sydenham does not tolerate harassment or discrimination and has policies and procedures to support this commitment to a caring and inclusive community. Students or staff experiencing harassment or discrimination are encouraged to speak to a staff member who can give advice and possibly intervene if desired. Any staff member will offer assistance.


Students who are ill or suffer an injury during class or during the day, should:

  • go to the office and receive attention. No medications can be provided. (This includes Panadol).
  • students must let class teachers know if they need to attend the sick bay.
  • students must ask the office to contact their parents/guardians if they need to leave the school due to illness.
  • complete a red slip MUST be completed before leaving by the student's Tutor and Cluster Coordinator.
  • No student will be allowed to go home unless specific permission has been granted by a parent or guardian; and
  • students should also be aware of the absence policy and requirements of students who are absent from assessment tasks.


Students who arrive late to the College should:

  • Swipe their College Identification Card through the College computer system and record the reason why they are late; and
  • When possible, students must have a note from their parents/guardians explaining their late arrival on that day, or no later than 24 hours later. If students don't provide adequate explanation for their lateness (as determined by their Cluster Coordinator) they will be required to complete a scheduled detention;
  • Class time that is missed due to lateness will be counted towards unapproved absence totals unless appropriate documentation is provided.


To leave early, students must:

  • have written permission from a parent/guardian.
  • have a ‘red slip' and have it signed by the Tutor and Cluster Coordinator.
  • go to the office to sign out.
  • be collected by a parent/guardian or carry the receipt with them while outside of College grounds.
  • have parents/guardians collect their student from the office without a note if the occasion arises.
Students who leave the College without permission will be required to complete a scheduled detention and may face other disciplinary actions. Once students have entered the College grounds they MUST remain on the property unless permission to leave has been granted. This includes students who have arrived during scheduled private study periods. At no stage are students to arrive at the College and leave, even though they may have a private study period.


The library is open from 8.00 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. and is generally open during exam periods. Students are able to use the library when their class has been booked in by their teacher, at lunchtimes and recess, and before and after school. To use the library during class time or private study, a library pass needs to be completed by the student class teacher or Study Hall supervisor. Library resources are available for use by students, staff and parents. Students may borrow, generally for a period of two weeks, up to four items at a time. Books which are borrowed on overnight loan must be returned by 9.00 a.m. the following morning.

Other resources may be returned any time on or before the due date. Late returns will incur penalties, including the loss of borrowing rights until all overdue books are returned.

Students are required to pay for lost or damaged items. The library wishes to encourage students to contribute to a calm working environment where learning and consideration of the learning environment of fellow students is paramount.


Students are encouraged to take pride in their surroundings and to care for the environment. Consequently we expect students to be responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of their classrooms, the cafeteria, recreational areas and the College environment.


Each student is assigned a locker at the beginning of the College year. The locker is to be locked at all times.

A College issued combination lock will be purchased by each student and the responsibility to care for the locker, the lock and the security and confidentiality of the combination remains with each student. The use of lockers is compulsory for all students. No school bags will be allowed in any of the classrooms. They are to remain in the locker at all times.


Orders for lunches are to be made at the cafeteria in the morning. The cafeteria is open before school and at recess and lunchtime. Students are not to access the cafeteria outside of these times.


Mobile devices have become an important and invaluable part of our modern lives. The College provides opportunities for students to responsibly use mobile devices at school for educational purposes. This document is intended as a guide for parents and students to ensure that mobile devices are used at the College responsibly.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students must familiarize themselves with the contents of the CRC Sydenham iPad Program Handbook which is available on the College website.
  • All students and their parents/guardians must sign and return the "CRC Sydenham iPad Program Student and Parent Declaration" before the iPad can be used at the College.
  • Appropriate use of the iPad as a learning tool is an entitlement of students; however, students must always follow instructions from teachers regarding how the iPad / mobile device is to be used in each class.
  • If an iPad is lost it must be reported immediately to a staff member.
  • College staff will enforce appropriate consequences if students breach expectations.

    Sound should always be muted (headphones should be used), unless instructed to be used by teacher for educational purposes.

    The iPad / mobile device is only to be used in study hall for educational purposes.

    If a SAC task is "open book" students will not be permitted to use the iPad/mobile device.

    If an iPad is lost at any time it must be reported to a staff member immediately. The College will not take any responsibility for any other mobile device.

    The camera must only be used for educational purposes when instructed by a staff member.

    The iPad / mobile device, including the camera, may be used at recess and lunch for appropriate tasks for educational purposes

    When students are not using their iPads, they should be stored in their lockers, secured by the College issued combination lock. Other mobile devices are the responsibility of the individual student.

    Ipads purchased through the College are covered by the insurance policy, no other mobile device is covered and will be used at the College at the owner's risk.

    Students must ensure that they have adequate space on their iPad mobile device for the required Applications and electronic materials for classes thus limiting the games and other applications stored on the device. Staff may direct students to delete applications that are not required by the College to allow space for school work.

    Mobile devices must never be used to film any member of the College community unless permission is given by a staff member for educational purposes

    No content may be uploaded or distributed to the internet, any third party or any website without the permission of the Principal

    Students at Catholic Regional College Sydenham are given the opportunity to access mobile devices and the College network (with an iPad) for educational purposes. Breaches of the Network User Policy may result in the withdrawal of access to the College network facilities for a designated period of time, suspension or review of a student's enrolment at the College.

    The College will only authorise iPads on the College network, other mobile devices will not be authorised to access the network.

    Mobile devices that are telephones may not be used as such during class time for phone calls, text messaging or MMS.


    Staff have the right to manage the classroom environment and as such may direct students to cease using a mobile device until such time as it is required for the completion of set tasks.

    It is at the discretion of individual staff if students are permitted to listen to music during individual working time, this will not be the case during instruction time or group activities.

    Staff will incorporate the use of mobile devices into the delivery of the curriculum.

    Staff who receive a report of a lost or stolen iPad are to inform the Deputy Principal - Students as soon as possible.

    The College reserves the right to prohibit the use of or carrying of mobile devices at certain times such as exams, SACs and other times as determined by the College

    Staff who suspect a student is using a mobile device during class time as a telephone without permission will confiscate the phone, with the mobile device needing to be collected by a parent / guardian from the office.


    The office staff are available to assist students at recess and lunchtime. School fees may be left at the office and receipts picked up later in the day. Valuables may be left with the office staff during the day. Students are not permitted to access the office to pay fees, retrieve receipts or for matters that could otherwise happen before or after school or during recess or lunch.


    Extended absence from school will jeopardize a student's ability to meet VCAA's (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) attendance and course requirements for satisfactory completion of VCE or VCAL. The College Attendance, Achievement and Promotion policy clearly states that if a student has any more than 250 minutes of unapprove dabsence, per unit of study will result in them automatically being awarded an Unsatisfactory Completion: N (Fail).

    In the event that a student does choose to travel or take an extended absence (whether endorsed or opposed by the College), the student and parents must be aware that Catholic Regional College Sydenham takes no responsibility for the impact on the educational requirements or consequences of the travel / leave.

    Where parents are travelling overseas or interstate for extended periods of time, leaving the student in the care of a guardian or other arrangement, parents are required to notify the College in advance.


    All students are to report to the Student Protocol Officer in the Study Hall in the cafeteria area at the beginning of private study lessons. Private study periods are a privilege to be used productively and the expectation is that students will work silently. Students with a study period at the beginning or end of the day need to complete the required paper work and parent permission forms in order for them to study at home at these times.


    Students are expected to be punctual to tutor, classes and other College activities.


    The College provides a Sick Bay in the Administration Building.

    • Students who are sick ask permission from their teacher to go to the Sick Bay.
    • Students are not encouraged to stay in Sick Bay for more than one period.
    • Parents are contacted when the student is unwell and are asked to collect the student and take them home.


    Students are provided with access to unit results via official college reports which are issued at the end of each semester of study. Reports are provided in hard copy format which can be collected from the College. An electronic copy of the report is also available for download via the Parent Portal which is accessible from them College website. Parent/Guardian teacher interviews are conducted on three occasions throughout the year. Past students of the College can contact administration staff to obtain a print out of results (an administrative fee will apply).


    Students who have obtained their Probationary Driver's Licence may seek permission to drive to the College and park in the College grounds. Students must register their interest in obtaining permission to drive by collecting the necessary application forms from the front office. The completed forms and relevant documentation then need to be submitted to the front office in order for the Deputy Principal (Students) to consider the application and provide permits to the successful applicants.

    • Students who are licensed and drive to the College need to register with the Deputy Principal - Students. For legal reasons, all student drivers, a parent, and if relevant, the parent of any passenger, must sign the Parent Permission and Student Agreement Form.
    • Students are required to adhere to all road rules and drive in a safe and responsible manner.
    • Students are only to use their car for travelling to and from the College. Students are not permitted under any circumstances to go to their car or drive from the College during the school day.
    • Students wishing to carry passengers to and from the College will need to complete the necessary parent permission forms.


    To assist the educational, social and emotional needs of the students a College Psychologist is on staff. The staff offer guidance and assistance to students and as necessary to families. The aim is to foster self esteem, resilience and confidence in students. Pastoral Care for students is given a very high priority at our College.

    Teachers and especially Tutors, Cluster Co-ordinators, the Director of Student Wellbeing and the Deputy Principal are available for consultation.


    Students who travel to the College via bus or train are expected to behave in a responsible manner. These expectations are consistent with those which apply to all forms of public transport. Students who fail to meet these expectations may be fined by the relevant authorities or suspended by the College from using this transport and face disciplinary action as determined by the College. Students must wear the full College uniform to and from the College at all times.


    The uniform shop at the College operates every Monday 2.30-4.30pm, Thursday 8.00-10.00am and Saturday 9.00-12 noon. Orders can also be made by contacting the suppliers: Academy Uniforms, 238 Wolseley Place, Thomastown, 3074. Phone: 03 9460 8011 Fax: 03 9460 8033 E-mail:


    Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables such as MP3/Ipods', hand held games, mobile phones,significant sums of money or jewellery to the College. Students need to lock any valuables required at College (eg. practical subject equipment, USB sticks, etc.) in lockers or hand it in to the office at the beginning of the day.

    The College will take no responsibility for valuables brought to the College or left unsecured.





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