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On entering the Catholic Regional College Sydenham community, each student is entrusted to the care of one or two Tutors whose main role is to pastorally care for the needs of the student. This involves a twofold role by first becoming the student's guide within the College, and then acting as a collaborator regarding the educational needs of the student. The Tutor(s) acting as a Pastoral Carer(s) come to know the student's personality, strengths and limitations and so becomes well placed to monitor the overall well-being of the student. This role calls for a very good working partnership between the parents, tutors and the students Cluster Coordinator.

The Tutor acting educator monitors the educational progress and with supportive advice assists the student's academic development. This role is particularly crucial given the demands of the VCE course and it also involves the Tutor(s) working with the students to complete associated administrative and vocational assessments tasks linked the student's future career directions. The role also involves maintaining regular contact with, and reporting to parents as well as building a positive educational team spirit within the Tutor and Cluster.

Each student, when he/she comes to CRC Sydenham, is placed in a Cluster and Tutor Group. There the Tutor Groups are organised horizontally, of about 22 students in each Tutor in Yr.11 and 12.

Our aim is to provide the best possible care and welfare support for the students within our care in partnership with parents and the local parishes. Please visit each Cluster to learn a little more about their patron.

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1. Academic Study Session Policy

2. Assessment Policy - VCAL

3. Assessment Policy - VCE

4. Child Safety Policy

5. Complaints Resolution Policy

6. Home Study Policy

7. Learning Program Change Policy

8. Pastoral Care and Student Management Policy

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10. Responsible Digital Citizenship Policy

11. Satisfactory Completion VCE and VCAL Policy

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13. Student Driver Expectations Policy

14. Uniform and Appearance Policy

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